Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shivgange, a test of physical fitness

Sharada Peet of Sringeri Mutt

Nandi, a symbol of Shiva's power

steps leading to Shivgange peak

Shivgange is an ideal religious cum adventure trip for a family or group of friends. One has to travel on NH4 to reach Dobbaspet and take a left turn beneath the flyover. The total distance is 62 km from Blore.

After seeing the Yoganarasimha and Shiva temple one has to keep ascending

Things to see @ Shivagange are Sharada Peet, Pataganga, Yoganarashima temple, Veerabhadra temple, Hidden water spring ( accessible for lucky people ), and other small temples. Enroute one encounters different sizes of Nandi. There is a subramani temple and augustiya thirta too.

Try your luck to swipe the water from the spring

Ascending the hillock can be very tiresome and not meant for physically unfit. One should take care to wear good cushioned footwear with grip so that one avoids skids and slippery surface. The monkey’s enroute can be nasty, trying to snatch foodstuff and other eatables. They don’t grab at water bottles thankfully. It is better to leave behind foodstuff in the vehicle or at ground zero. Please don t be misguided by people advising you to leave behind your footwear at the ground level.

The temples have been modified with lime or chunna paint, destroying the originality of the Chola and Vijaynagar sculptures. One can witness the original beauty of artisan’s work in the desolate temple just besides Patalganga. These edifices are ignored by the priests and temple management. ASI should initiate proceedings to take over the temple to protect the heritage.

check out the original temple sculpture

Climbing to the peak of the Shivgange is quite physically demanding, it is better to undertake trip early morning @ around 7 am to 8 am or in the evening before 5 pm. One can really enjoy if one is inclined to live upto the challenge of overcoming obstacles in life. If one feels their knees are jerky and obese persons are advised to abort the ascent @ Veerbhadra temple which is the midpoint.

Get your bags packing if you are looking for checking out your physical fitness, forget threadmill test, Shivgange is a real litmus test for physical fitness.

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