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The discovery of Chandavalli Cavemen remanents have been a high point of archaeology in Indian History. This discovery was made quite early 20th century under the directorship of archaelogical department @ Mysore. The life style of the cavemen from the Neolithic age is fascinating and subject of imagination and maybe documentaries. The picture ( courtsey ) just highlights the fabled life style. The cave men in India were fortunate to have serenic sorrounding of chitradurga, which became magnetic for later Kings from different dynasties to be associated. Luckily the entire area has been quarantined off from human inhabitants in 1909 thus preserving the surroundings.

The Neolithic caves were re-discovered by R. Narasimhachar in 1909 and later H.M. Krishna again did some excavations in 1928 and finally Wheeler under the guidance of ASI undertook excavations in 1947. The discovery of ancient potteries, coins dating back to Roman empire Augustus Caesar and Han dynasty of China are all preserved in the Blore Museum.

Earthen pottery found in the caves dates back to Meglithic period. The coloured vessels are in red and black. The paintings on the pottery are linear and geometric in design. Additionally some bowl and funnel shaped lid etc have been discovered in this site.

Subsequently the site has been slightly vandalized by Kadambas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijaynagar and Palegars would not be an exaggeration. There have been a numerous additions to the site, with modern white painting majority of the traces of ancient civilization has vanished into thin air. The site inhabited by ancient men were basically to hide from the vagaries of monsoon and sunshine. Further they wanted protection from wild animal attacks. The caves provided them perfect shelter from wild animals, like elephant, tiger and bison. The pathway leading into the basement can be claustrophobic for some. There are guides available with lantern, it is better to carry a torch light too in case of eventuality. A secret tunnel is purported to be leading to the main fort situated nearby. This has been shut down by ASI because of treasure hunters exploring and vandalizing the site.

This picture has a faint traces of the original painting using the vegetable dyes. Rest of the paintaings have been altered of destroyed with constant exposure.

In few of the caves Shiv Linga has been installated spoiling the antiquity of the ancient mankind. Some of the rocky structures may have formed the Dolmen for the high ranking official among the ancient mankind. The zig zag formation of the 730x780 square meter site is of prime importance for all historians keen on research. Some of chambers were used for secret meetings and served as hideouts for later rulers of the region. There is a sharp stone projection which is supposed to stun the enemy if anyone is being chased in the dark. A natural water pathway is deemed to have served the need of the ancient mankind. The ventilation to the cave is amazing, it has the perfect temperature setting even though it was hot outside.

There are no of caves which were used by saints to meditate. In some of the caves the construction material is currently being stored. The artificial structures which have erected are all painted with white distemper giving an ugly appearance. I hope ASI gets rid of all these modern day paintings some day. The Neolithic men were supposed to have used natural vegetable dyes and animal blood to sketch. But the traces of them have almost vanished. Subsequent rulers have tried to construct some monuments totally disregarding the need to preserve the legacy of ancient civilization.

A huge lake seemed to be a permanent water source for the Neolithic men for quenching their thirst. The water source is totally protected from modern day vandalism too. It is real crystal clear water which could be consumed safely.

We were guided into the caves by a group students, in particular Somnath who enthusiastic showed us all the spots without any hesitation. Initially I was apprehensive to enter the cave in view of my obesity. But when I was motivated by these students, I said let me take a chance of a life time, otherwise I would have missed the opportunity of a life time. It is better to carry a powerful torch apart from guides lantern. The student refused to take any money from us as a matter of courtesy. We invited him to Blore whenever he comes, we would be honoured to host him. The official guide took an objection for engaging the college student as guide. He felt that we have deprived him of the earning. He was literally cursing the boy and us. We just ignored him and walked away. In case anyone wants to engage the guide on their they can employ his services otherwise if one is adventurous he can find his way through. It is not as complicated as one might think. But when you are in a group it is better to engage a guide since it can become a little cumbersome. Our little guide took us into a route which is leading right out in a secret exit. It was lovely adventure in a cave man fashion.

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