Monday, May 30, 2011


A history was created at the iconic bangalore palace grounds @ 7.30 pm by the Mozart of  Madras with his troupe singing away to cheer the crowd.  For the first time in India a 3 D concert was bought into India with UFO being the sponsorer.

One one occasion Shivmani came running into the camera causing a flutter, the 3 D effect made it look as if he is going to crash into you anytime.  Another occasion A R Rehman was floating literally in mid air playing his guitar.  The pyrotechnics unleashed with a combination of fire, laser beams, hydraulics, audio-visual, and 3000 watts of raw musical beats was stupendous.  The family crowd was literally floored with the Razzmattazz unleashed in front of their eyeballs.

The stage and atmosphere was ablaze with the chorus of  Jai Ho, oscar winning song by Rehman.  The song which was initially written off  became a superhit because it received the international accolade.  One guy was moving his legs as if he is Prabhu deva of Bangalore.  The rocky rendition of  Chiku chikbukku chikkubukku raile was the ultimate remix and was pulled off in aplomb, some group of young ladies formed the wagon gravy train to the amusement of the fans.  In Khwaja mere khwaja song the stage converted into a mosque with Rehman as a temporary ulema as it were praising the lord.

3 D specs was distributed so that the standing crowd in the Rs 500/ and Rs 1000 enclosures had the privilege of witnessing the razzmatazz unfolding in front of their eyeballs.  I wish such shows are beamed live on the 3 D screens on live television screens.  Maybe it is the first time experiment around to gauge the reactions of the crowd and check out the technical feasibility of the same.

Remo Fernadez came in and logged with his numbers and started praising Rehman as Mozart of Madras, and wizard Rehman from India to the world.  Where are the stars in the heaven along with the L A singers too a good renedition.  ARR managed to pull off a visual merger of  Lata Mangeshkar on big screen with Luka Chupi song from Guru.

What began as an innocent participation in a sms contest to win the ticket turned out to be a digital bonanza and being part of  history for being present along with my wife at the live 3D concert in India.  The courtsey being TOI, where we had to physically fetch the ticket after 2 hours standing in the Q and revealing the winning message on our cellphones.  It was worth its waiting and standing.  I hope some of you like me who witnessed the show would have enjoyed and shaken a leg or two to the musical beats of the wizard himself.

In end when we walked out i was pleasantly surprised to see KURL ON was one of the sponsorers of the show, it was really good to note that the company can provide entertainment value in putting its customers to Pure sleep and so went and hit our sack with musical notes of  ARR ringing as lullabies

acknowledgement :  original video uploaded by 63symmo on youtube


Sushma Harish said...

thanks for sharing....

magiceye said...

sure seems to have been a wonderful evening!

Arti said...

Sounds really exciting!!!

Spicy Sweet said...

You must have had fun. Post pics if any. Luka Chupi is from RDB not Guru.

shalini said...

nice description

Harish said...

seems you had a blast... great. I missed the event


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