Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amritapura Temple Hoysala heritage

A typical Ekuta temple built in Hoysala style without Platform on all four sides. This temple was built by Amrutheswara Dandanayaka, commander of the king Veera Ballal II. Since the commander hailed from nearby town of Tarikere he wanted a monument to adorn his hometown. He had selected an idyllic spot near the river Bhadra, but safely away from it fury and flooding. The entire landscape looks like a garden neatly carpeted with grass and surrounded by coconut and arecanut trees.

The grandeur of the temple is multiplied by its low compound wall and statues embedded on the wall. Various figures of god and godesses in oval shaped stones are sculpted and placed to enhance the beauty of the temple. This temple was in dire status two years ago, when I read a report in the newspaper, but now the looks of it gives us an impression it should be deemed as world class heritage like Hampi. The renovation with regard to plugging the leakages and crumbling edifice is an ongoing process.

On the façade of the temple various scenes from Ramayana, Lord Krishna’s life and Mahabharat are embedded in stone format. There are approx 70 panels of Ramayan on the south façade of the temple, 25 panels of Lord Krishna’s life on the Northern portion and 45 panels of Mahabharat on the Western side of the temple walls.

The interior of the temple is laid out with lathe finished pillars with the the ceiling decorated in floral and geometric designs largely. There are shiv lingas projecting out of the circular ceiling. In my opinion these architectural innovation gave the stability for the dome of the temple. Various deities are embedded on the walls of the temple inside the main mantap.

Ruvari Mallitamma was the chief architect, who started his working career by finishing the gopuram of the temple. The Hoysala symbol of sala slaying the tiger is embedded on the temple as a signature of the times in which it was built.

Due to heavy lashing rain I was carried away by the absolute stunner of the visual unfolding before my eyes. Another concern was the protection of the digital camera which can be spoilt by water seepage. Nevertheless I captured some video shots which is a consolation. The light conditions was absolutely murkier.

Location : Amritapura can be reached vide NH 206 approximately 250 kms from Blore. The nearest detour is from Tarikere towards Amritapura on the highway. We took an unusual route because we had to cover Hirenallur Mallikarjun swamy temple from Areleguppa, we touch Banavar, and than onwards we deviated close to Kadur to Hirenallur and from there to Ajjampur junction and than we proceeded towards Amritapura. The roads were treacherous. It can also be reached from Bhadravathi.


Sushma Harish said...

wonderful. loved the entire write up. felt like visited personally once.

SUB said...

loved reading the post...

Team G Square said...

Amazing post .Will visit this temple soon .

Deguide said...

@ Dhiraj, i thought you would have visited this place enroute already, anyways it is worth the visit sometime or the other.


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