Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

One of the finest zoological park was established in 1959, and thrown open to the public in 1963.  It extends to over 380 acres housing Carnivores, Herbivores, Primates, Reptiles, Birds, Nocturnal and Rodents.  The zoo is closed on Mondays.  

Timings of the zoo :  8am to 5 pm

  • Entry Fee               Adult      Rs20         Child      Rs10
  • Train Ride             Adult       Rs15         Child      Rs  5
  • Cycle Ride            Adult        Rs20                       Per hour
  • Vehicle Ride         Adult        Rs100                     Per hour
  • Safari Ride           Adult        Rs 25        Child       Rs10
  • Elephant Ride      Adult        Rs 15         Child      Rs   5
  • Camera still                           Rs 20
  • Video Camera                       Rs100
  • Water bottle deposit             Rs 10
  • Acquarium                             Rs   2
  • Car entry with driver            Rs 500

We were lucky to visit the zoo on a Tuesday without checking out the holiday.  One of the novel feature of the zoo entry is that one has to deposit Rs 10/- towards carrying plastic bottle inside the park.  It is to ensure that you bring back the plastic bottle instead of throwing it in the park and collect back the deposit, which can be followed by other national parks.  The tariffs levied too is reasonable and affordable unlike Banerghatta National park.

Many animals and reptiles are adopted by the patrons and wild life enthusiasts.  The best season to visit the zoo is during winter, which might not be good for photography.  The ideal season is midway during the monsoon season.  The photographs turn out rich and glossy due to the lush green background.  It was raining slightly when we visited.  The photographs and videos will reveal this observation.

We skipped the train ride, safari and boating, to save time since we had to get back for a buffet lunch offered by our hotel.  We avoided the safari since there was 3 bus loads of school children, who would have consumed nearly 2 hours @ 30 minutes each and half an hour lunch break.  Animal sightings on safari is not guaranteed is another reason why we skipped the safari.

Every tourist is recommended to visit Nehru zoological park, it is advisable to visit Charminar and zoological park in one day, since guided tours will not provide you sufficient time to cover these destinations.

Details of  Nehru zoological park Official Website of the Zoo


SUB said...

i like that train :)

Sushma Harish said...

lol-Subs- you like the train:-) i liked it too..
superb info post

Anne said...

Yayy! This is the only zoo I have visited so far in India :-)

Tanmay said...

Liked the pics. The train pic is really eye catching, with its bright colors!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice post and your photos, too.


--- BhAgYa VaSu --- said...

The pics are cool :)

Debosmita Roy said...

Nice post on beautiful Hyderabad. Along with the Nehru Park mentioned in the post, Jalavihar hyderabad is also a famous spot. The Jalavihar hyderabad ticket price is worth the time and amount.


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