Friday, March 30, 2012

Lakshminarasimha Temple, Nittur

We were returning after visiting Choudeswari temple tiptur, suddenly on the right we found an arch mentioning Lakshminarasimha temple. My wife suggested we take a detour and explore this unknown destination.   The road leading to the hillock was well laid, so it literally tempted us to take a chance and check out.  Suddenly we found the road gradient was almost 45% degree angle.  A vehicle with bald tyre would definitely skid down hill because some portions are cement road.  It is better to park a little distant away considering there is hardly space for 4 vehicles to be parked on the hillock.  Weak hearted drivers may find this a challenging barrier to cross over.  It is better to carry stones inside car to stop the skidding if it happens.  Driving on first gear is the only way to ascend.

The exact location of the this temple is approximately 120 kms from Bangalore, via Tumkur on the state highway leading towards Tiptur.  The temple is hardly 8 kms away from Nittur town.  On the return journey it is located 20km away from Tiptur towards Tumkur.

Despite SC & HC order illegal mining continues to thrive around this area.  I hope the vigilante from the forest department are pro active to stop such mining.  The panoramic view from the hillock gives one the idea how much illegal mining has spread its wing.

The temple is under re-construction.  The ancient architecture is difficult to replicate.  Meanwhile the Yoganarasimha statue etc have been relocated to a makeshift temple below.  Looking at the temple arch it looks as if the temple is built during the reign of the wodeyars with brick stone.  One can hazard a guess that the temple must have been constructed around early 1800's after the fall of  Tipu sultan.

Overall it is worth spending 1 hour in this temple premise praying to the goddess Lakshmi and having a panoramic view of the surroundings.  It is better to visit the temple in the monsoon and winter season, the summer month heat is searing and with mining fields, it adds to the hot atmosphere.


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