Monday, December 30, 2013

Yana Peaks

Trekking is generally considered to be domain of teenagers in view of their strength, agility and spirit of adventure.  But this destination which offers the same pleasure for a family and children with 1.5 km long trek along with steep ascent on steps laid towards the peak.   

Location : It is situated enroute to Sirsi from Kumta with a distance of 26 kms precisely off the national highway NH 17 which is now redesignated as NH 66.  It can be approached via Sirsi side too which has a lesser trek of . 5 km when compared to the main route.  The road condition are just average.  There is an entry point closer to Mirjan fort too to reach this destination one has to take left turn from Anegundi. 

After driving through the forest area which is no so dense, one reaches the trekking point where one can park their vehicles and begin the journey.  The route is filled with plenty of flora but less of fauna even though sign boards show some feline movements.  Streams keep flowing from the moutaineous terrain, one should tread carefully in some places where pebbles can trip. 

As one closes towards the twin peaks of Yana one finds caution notice for wild bees, which have their hives on the cliff.  These forest bees when disturbed can chase an individual and sting very badly, once we had a bitter experience of the same in Tibetian colony.  It is better to not to swing ones shawl on them it can trigger a chain reaction with other bees joining the fray to sting the hell out of an intruder into their domain.

YANA is a actually a village in Uttara Kannada district.  The rock formation are basically a volcanic eruption, but some consider it as an asteroid remains too.  The bigger peak raises to a height of 120 meters ( 390 feet ) and smaller one is 90 meters ( 300 feet )  Both the rocks are solid black in colour.  The bigger one is named after Lord Shiva Bhaireswara Shikara and smaller one is known as Mohini Shikara.
On the ground level there is a temple dedicated to lord Shiva, which is actually a cave temple which is opened during Shivarathri time for piligrims to have dharshan.  The statue is supposed to be self formed or syambhu linga.  Drops of water keeps dripping on the statue making it sanctimonious  to the people of the area.  Recently a silver statute of Chandika or Durga is also installed to give tourists a glimpse of the myth prevailing in the area. 

A natural water fall is also prevalent known as Vibuthi falls and Sathodi falls nearby.  These water falls are mostly active or in its fullest glory during the rainy season.  There is a constant stream flowing from the hillock where some tourist like to have a dip and cool themselves. 

Driving down the lonely road towards Yana might give one some creeps of a desolate forest area initially but one need not worry since lost of residents have their houses by the side of the road.  But it is better to complete the trip before night fall, especially during summer where feline are likely to stray towards habitation in search of prey.


R Niranjan Das said...

Nice post. Should head there sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely written..


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