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Circuits around Hampi ...Museum

Robert Sewell wrote in his treatise A forgotton Empire " I have little doubt that before very long the whole history of southern india will be compiled by some writer gifted with the power making the dry bones live, but meanwhile the bones themselves must be collected and pieced together, and my duty has been to try and construct at least the main portions of the skeleton "

Before we enter Vijaya Vithal temple complex there are numerous monuments behind the famous complex.We got to explore them because the entry to the main complex was not opened.  It opens at 8 am.  So we decided to venture out and cover the monuments down the river bank, wherein Purandaradas complex was neck deep submerged in the raging waters of  Tungabhadra dam.  There is a caution notice on the banks do not enter the water for swimming, due to crocodiles infesting the waters.  Boating was stopped due heavy inflow of water.  So went our hopes of reaching the other side of the river to Anegundi.

Suddenly the pack of striding horses reminded us of the royalty in the ancient days, particularly Krishnadevaraya who used to be active early morning exercising with gingelly oil anointed on his body to keep himself battle fit.  These wild looking horses, i believe are bred by a gypsy community who keep moving around from place to place. This info was given by the owner of tea stalls son.  

The entire Vittala Complex and surroundings are in various stages of resurrection.  These phases are explained in the notice board installed by the Hampi heritage committee.  

The ticket counter was yet to be opened at around 8.15 am
The bazaar which is being resurrected.  I believe the diamonds and other valuables were sold in these very complexes, which is the biggest ever in Hampi.  It even overshadows the Virupaksha bazaar.

One can witness a collapsed pillar stationed at the entrance of the Vittala Complex along with bazaar.

Temple under renovation

A view of the huge pushkari across the Kudregombe temple complex 

Pillars at the Museum
Pattabhirama temple complex is located just beyond the ASI museum ( 500 meters )  in Kamalapura.  This complex is almost in the final stages of renovation as it were.  The temple is not as grand as the Vittala complex, but the proportion of construction reveals the intent.

The temple was also known as Varadadevi Ammana Pette.  Varadadevi incidentally happened to be queen of  Achyuta Deva Raya.(  1529 - 1542 ) who succeeded Krishnadevaraya who died under mysterious circumstances in 1529 AD at middle age of just 42 years Read for further details  :                                   Tribute to Krishnadevaraya

The frontal portion the temple is propped up by multiple pillars.  Yali images are carved on the pillars.

Even though the carving on the pillars are not so ornate, it does display the grandeur of the Vijaynagar Era.

The frontal gopuram is almost intact, which is East facing.

The musical pillars below are  inequivalent to Vittala complex musical pillars.

One gets to see images of foreign travellers visiting the Vijaynagar empire

The entrance to the temple is beautifully landscaped by ASI

ASI museum entrance

Snake Goddess @ ASI museum

Ack :

LOCATION :  Hampi museum is located near Kamalapura circle, just 200 metres ahead on the right. The entry fee for the museum is Rs 10 per head, and is sure to find lot of  historical books of interest published by ASI.   It is a centre point for covering the ruins of  hampi.  A little further ahead we find the KSTDC hotel and Vaishali Resort is just before the circle.


Arti said...

Wonderful posting! Feels like I have just returned after visiting the temple. Thanks a lot for this amazing virtual tour!

quetzalcoatl said...

great pics...
interesting to note those horses.. they look really wild & reminded me of the wild horses in Dibru Chaikhoa...

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