Saturday, September 10, 2011

Indiblogger Meet @ Bangalore Photologue

Guys Indiblogger meet sponsored by Samsung Galaxy TAB750 was a total success considering the number of  new comers into the fold.  Of course there were many veterans too such as Alok, Laxmi Rajan, Mathew, Vijay, Saurav, Rajesh, Karthik, etc.  

 We got to touch and feel the Samsung Tab750 which loaded with features, 8 MP camera output, video output, interface with social media, gaming, and all other features which makes it a gizmo of sorts.  Currently it is priced at Rs 36200/- eventually I hope the price will come down drastically due to volumes and competition I presume.  I would rather prefer an injection currently with my Nokia touch screen phone currently.

 We were emotional when we listened to Raghava who is the only blind blogger in India, who is active with his never say die spirit.  He is live example that handicaps does not matter to keep our date with destiny.  We sincerely wish that he will go miles in achieving his goal in the virtual world, speaking his mind out.

Renie Ravin setting up big screen display

Vineet Rajan with Samsung Tab750

Mathew smiling away to glory 

The 49 seconds introduction session was humorous and enthralling with RAJ with four letter blog, Praveen with cyber tech bog, Laxmi Rajan met his wife while blogging, we have a author who is scheduled to publish his books.  One blogger mentioned that he was ditched by his girl friend and he took up to blogging.  It heartening to note many a bloggers are earning their livelihood blogging full time too.  

 We had this collect comments game, which was lapped up with enthusiasm by all newcomers and finally the meet was wound up with discussion.  I suggested that in future all meets should be in some form be live at least in the form of  1 comments from the venue participants, through their cellphone or gadgets, it would involve the entire Indi blogging community virtually if not physically cutting across the barriers of time constraint.

Anoop Johnson compeered the program with his usual exuberant style



Maun Vision said...

very nice of you umesh ji, great coverage. amazing shots taken.
and very fast to upload them too. keep it up.

Pallav Gogoi said...

It’s great to see almost all Indian Bloggers under one roof. Nice pics. Keep blogging!

Anu said...

Great to see that all of you were able to get together!

Mohinee said...

Wow Sir, you have made beautiful live telecast of the meet.....wonderful. I

Sairam said...

Thanks a lot for writing about it and posting pics. got a feel of what was going on there.

I so badly wanted to come to this meet. woul have been my first one too.
But missed it because of some personal emergency.
maybe next time.

Sushma Harish said...

wow- in envy- i wish if some meets happen in december times I can always attend as I fly to India generallly in december. hope sometime.

Zephyr said...

That was a great round-up with shots encompassing all the events. More captions would have ensured even better coverage. For instance, who was the little one in a blogger shirt? He looked so cute! Waiting for a blogger meet in Delhi. It's been nearly a year now.

Harish said...

Hm.. I missed the event. Wanted to make it badly.

Arti said...

WOW!!! What a wonderful coverage of the event! Really, I felt like being there! Thank you for this!!

Chintan said...

sigh! i wish i was there too :) do you have rajesh's blog link?

VJ Sharma said...

did I miss these... it seems yes..

When next time?

J A G A N said...

I missed the event :(

Anil Kumar Singh said...

Nice Collection thanks for share Add Super Golden Navigation Menu to Blogger.

Management Punditz said...

Thanks for sharing.. It was a fun event.. Hope it happens much often :)

firoze shakir said...

Thanks you have done a great job accumulating emotions feeling in a urn of a blog.. and it is memories moments that we relive time and again .. the blog is a spirit that never dies..take care Firoze Shakir
Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai..

Raghava said...

Hey this is Raghava the blind blogger....Think you got my name wrong in the post as Rajesh...Can you please correct and herre is my blog url

Deguide said...

Hello Raghava sorry for the errata, the same is corrected.

Ambika said...

Great to read about this blogger meet! And am glad to see photos of some of the folks I regularly read :) Thanks for sharing these pictures!


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