Saturday, September 3, 2011

Circuits around Hampi....Domed Structure

ASI records on the premises of Anantasayana Temple mentions that this temple was dedicated by Krishnadevaraya in 1524 AD in reverance to Lord Ananthpadmanaba.  This temple town Sale was dedicated to his son Tirumala, who seems to have been killed in a conspiracy hatched for succession.  The prime suspect was Timmarsu, who was a trusted commander of  Krishnadevaraya.  He was blinded and imprisoned for his involvement.  

This temple has seen maximum destruction and vandalism, the temple roof seems to have borne the brunt of a raging fire.  Most of the structures have collapsed, which is being resurrected by ASI expertise.  A massive support pillar is erected at the main temple premise, which is almost dividing the entrance to the temple as in and exit to the premise.  The temple had the idol Lord Vishnu in reclining posture at the Garbagriha or sanctum, which is probably safely displayed at ASI museum in Kamalapuram.

There are one other small temple which is dedicated to Devi.  The main temple is huge with three doorways and number of pillars on which different mythical characters are etched.  

Currently since the renovation work is underway one can find children playing cricket, and the boundary wall  acts a protection.  The dome of the temple is almost 10 meters which reveals the skill of the architects concerned.  

A doomed structure temple is located in the remote Pushkarni site, which is being salvaged by ASI.  This site is not accessible by road, one has to trek either on the reservoir or behind the Pattabhi rama temple.  

This tank ( Pushkarni ) which is adjacent to Pattabhirama temple,   is being salvaged by ASI to regain its past glory, with pillars being erected.  Some of the stone slabs are newly laid in the absence of the original stones.

The incomplete Dome structure may be an attempt to change the landscape to convert the place into a Islamic place of  importance.  But this incomplete monument houses in its compound houses a hanuman mandir.  The structure has been built on the fortress boundary wall in a quick fix fashion.  The effort to complete the structure seems to have been disbanded by the invaders because of  public resentment.  In all probability Ibrahim qutub shah stayed back in Vijaynagar to establish his suzerenity, since he had witnessed the glory of the empire in 1543 AD.  He stayed as a refugee ( state guest ) under the Vijaynagar emperor Aliya ramaraya.  He is credited to having beheaded the very Aliya Ramaraya who gave him shelter during his exile.

A panaromic view of the reservoir near domed gateway

The ancient reservoir is now converted as water source for the power generation plant.  The water is crystal clear and could be potable quality too.  I am sure it is a source of drinking water for the government staff quarters located in the vicinity.

The walkway on the reservoir is so refreshing early morning that it literally peps one up for the entire trip ahead around Hampi Ruins.

An Imaginative structural engineering is being attempted by ASI to make up for the loss of  original pillars at the pushkarni site during the salvage operation.


♥ Braja said...

Amazing...such history....

Arti said...

Very beautiful!
The stone structures are very attractive!
Fabulous captures.

Aakash Kokz said...

Very beautiful ..

Ana_treek said...

I remember going to Hampi when I was very small..I'd want to visit again..good post!

Team G Square said...

Wonderful write up ,

Maun Vision said...

superb dude, i see you travel and enjoy a lot. great.

Sneo said...

nice one. HAmpi is my favorite place in Karnataka where I lived almost all life.
Check out Hampi articles my blog when you have a chance



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