Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Malekal Tirupati

One fine day we thought it is time we take a break and discover some of the heritage left behind the hoysala and vijaynagar rulers.  We took the NH4 and deviated towards turuvakere, banasandra, missed the route to Hulikere and reached Tiptur.  From Tiptur we moved towards Ariskere and decided to take a night halt.  In the meanwhile we had read on the net the diety Govinda or Lord Balaji is installed in a standing posture in this temple. Another temple below the hillock is that of  Padmavathi temple.  In the evening we thought it was advisable to climb the hillock due to less heat, but were advised against it, since it is strenous.  There are 1250 plus steps, which requires 2 hours for an average individual with average fitness levels.  The footsteps are quite steep in some places, so plenty of water, salt and glucose is very vital.

 The temple priest has to obviously come from the plain, and he normally arrives if  the devotees request him to come over.  We informed the priests at the Padmavathi temple next day morning and proceeded to ascend the hillock. 
The first look at the hillock was really scary we enquired with some boys who disdainfully said it is easy to climb the hillock.  For these youngsters it would have been a childs play.  But for us vetrans with shaky knees we have to tread cautiously.  We took up the onorous task of climbing the hillock.  Enroute we took sufficient breaks and suddenly we found our master of ceremonies the priest also trudging his way in a criss cross manner.  We learnt a lesson from this priest that it requires special skill to ascend this huge hillock.

 According to myth some 800 years ago Sage Vasistha seems to have been responsible for installation of dieties.  But according to historical records the fuedatories of  Vijaynagar Empire Nayaks were responsible for building these temples.  The architecture resembles the vijayanagar style.  The Padmavathi temple is fully whitewashed, thus eliminating the traces of  heritage.  It must have acted as a protective barrier from heat and rainfall. 
 Numbering on the steps are visible as one climbs the hillock.  There are marked in distance of 100's
Lord Venkateswara seems to have appeared in the dream of  Thimappa Nayak, the palegar from Chitradurga to come over to Malekal tirupati and install the idol on the hillock.  He obeyed his dreams and followed the instruction of the lord to ascend and construct the temple on the hillock. 

The view is breathtaking from the hillock, one can see the Padmavathi temple below in all its glory.

The priest of the temple who quickly caught us in the middle of our accent and gave us the tip or two to climb the steep steps to the hilltop.

 At last after plenty of breaks we finally reach the peak, to visit the Malekal tirupati diety Govindaraja

 All the monuments enroute points out to an unfinished edifice or it must have crumbled under natures force.

Malekal tirupati is just 5 kms away from the main town of Ariskere.  It is a lovely trekking experience for all the fitness freaks.  One gets to relive the history of the vijaynagar empire and also have the dharshan of lord Balaji.  Traditionally one has to visit Padmavathi temple before visiting Balaji, here too it applies.  So friends if you want the priest to perform puja than inform the concerned at the temple authorities below at Padmavathi temple.

Around Arsikere :  Harnahalli someswar and chandrmouli temple, Shivalaya, Jain Basadis, Mutts,


Sushma Harish said...

very interesting nad informative. thanks for sharing. trekking..uhh never. But we love to explore places.

Deguide said...

It is an offbeat destinations but around this area plenty of places to visit and catch up with heritage

Teamgsquare said...

THanks for sharing about this palce . must visit place near Arsikere .


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